{"code":200,"msg":"","time":1680224217,"data":{"id":1028,"uid":56357,"thumb":"","title":"15.6 pen cursor wont track but registers pressure, think it might be interference from my usb mouse?","content":"

i set up my 15.6 (not pro) that i had gotten for my birthday. And the followed directions listed in the manual to set up the tablet to perfection but whenever i drag my mouse cursor through to my tablet and switch to my pen the tablet won't recongize my pen at all. But if i were to priorly use the pen, before i right click with my mouse for the first time on either screen it would work up till i right click with my mouse. please help i really want to get this up and running!<\/p>


laptop: Hp Envy m6-k010dx Sleekbook 15.6<\/p>

mouse: logitech m325<\/p>

tablet: Artist 15.6<\/p>","appoint_uid":null,"add_time":1600045230,"like_num":0,"comment_num":1,"hits":57,"goods_id":0,"end_time":1650284403,"method_type":0,"posts_title":"","thumb_video":null,"type":0,"video_time":"0","content_video":"","video_is_split":0,"status":1,"nickname":"KaraOni","face_url":"https:\/\/media.xp-pen.co\/public\/app60.png","user_label":[],"is_follow_author":0,"is_like":0,"posts_tag":[],"works_images":[],"goods_buy_title":"","goods_buy_url":"","user_medal":[],"collect_num":0,"is_collect":0,"is_vote_user":0,"posts_vote_count":0,"posts_vote":[]}}