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Hello!I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem on their Windows computers. I just got my Artist 12 Pro a few days ago and was excited to finally use it. I installed the latest drivers available from the Downloads section and that went fine, but once I plugged in the black USB cable, my computer wouldn't recognize the device. I tried all USB ports on my computer and they all came up as Unrecognized Device. The screen worked fine and immediately showed an extended display. I tested this both on a Windows 7 computer and a Windows 10 laptop with the same results. I have tried reinstalling drivers and restarting countless times, I even used a different USB cable to no avail. Is this a problem with my computer and laptop, the cable, or the Artist 12 Pro itself? If someone can tell me of a proper fix or where to properly inquire about this, please let me know! Thank you!GMI<\/p>","appoint_uid":null,"add_time":1568449436,"like_num":0,"comment_num":2,"hits":1737,"goods_id":0,"end_time":1650284262,"method_type":0,"posts_title":"","thumb_video":null,"type":0,"video_time":"0","content_video":"","video_is_split":0,"status":1,"nickname":"Ghemi Gino Inton","user_face_url":"https:\/\/media.xp-pen.co\/public\/app60.png","user_thumb_face_url":"https:\/\/media.xp-pen.co\/public\/app60.png","user_thumb_compress":"https:\/\/media.xp-pen.co\/public\/app60.png","user_label":[],"is_follow_author":0,"is_like":0,"posts_tag":[],"works_images":[],"goods_buy_title":"","goods_buy_url":"","user_medal":[],"collect_num":0,"is_collect":0,"is_vote_user":0,"posts_vote_count":0,"posts_vote":[]}}