{"code":200,"msg":"","time":1680225702,"data":{"id":687,"uid":28465,"thumb":"","title":"15.6 Pro pen buttons make cursor wiggle when disabled","content":"

I find the keys\/buttons on the pen really annoying as I press them unintentionally all the time, which is why I set them to no "No action" in the driver software. But they still interfere with my drawing. No matter what software I use, If I press the keys the cursor jumps a bit, ruining the stroke. Very easy to test as you can trap the pen and press it and observe as cursor wiggles, sometimes it even jumps quite a lot. Why is this? Please offer a solution or update the driver. <\/p>

I've installed\/uninstalled drivers multiple times and the issue persists on my laptop as well (different device). <\/p>","appoint_uid":null,"add_time":1590270192,"like_num":0,"comment_num":1,"hits":59,"goods_id":0,"end_time":1650284357,"method_type":0,"posts_title":"","thumb_video":null,"type":0,"video_time":"0","content_video":"","video_is_split":0,"status":1,"nickname":"bananaman ano","face_url":"https:\/\/media.xp-pen.co\/public\/app60.png","user_label":[],"is_follow_author":0,"is_like":0,"posts_tag":[],"works_images":[],"goods_buy_title":"","goods_buy_url":"","user_medal":[],"collect_num":0,"is_collect":0,"is_vote_user":0,"posts_vote_count":0,"posts_vote":[]}}