Two fun vocabulary games for students

When it comes to vocabulary, struggle, fight, exertion, and debate are real. Deal with it through fun games to play in class, which can help you add a spark to your lessons and reinforce new words in your students' vocabulary.

Here are two fun classroom vocabulary games that you can easily add to any lesson to make them engaging while also supporting student learning!

Word Wheel

This is a great lesson starter and can help your students check their spelling and vocabulary.

How to play:

You will place eight letters on the board or slide in a circle. This can be completely random, but we recommend choosing at least 2-3 vowels.

Your students will have 60 seconds to write down as many words as they can using these letters. They can only use each letter once in each word.

To make this more difficult or to focus on a particular sound you've learned, you can also add a letter to the center of the circle. It must be used.

Letter Scramble

This first lesson will test what your students know about words and how they think. It will focus on their reasoning skills and word knowledge.

How to play:

Shuffle the letters of the words you have learned and write them down for your students to see.

Your students will have 30 seconds to arrange the letters and display the word.

You can repeat this many times or put a few jumbled words at the beginning of the lesson.

Please use the help word unscrambler.


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Two fun vocabulary games for students