If Fenix was a race car driver, would he drive his favorite car on the race track, off-road in the desert, on the beach, around the city, or in the desert at night? Grab your stylus and join Fenix in this exciting summer racing adventure!


July 1 - August 12 (GMT)


August 13 - August 18 (GMT)


August 19 (GMT)



1 winner

Magic Drawing Pad


1 winner

Artist Pro 14 (Gen 2)

Third place

1 winner

Artist 13 (Gen 2)


Create your artwork around the theme 'Fenix Summer Racing'.


Utilize the provided Fenix IP from XPPen as the prototype for your creation. Click here to download


The form of expression of the work includes but is not limited to graphic art, illustration, comics, animation, 3D rendering, etc;


Entries should have a resolution of 300dpi or higher.


Upload your works to the Upload Entry page.


There is no limit to the style of your work, but it must not contain sensitive content.


There is no limit to the number of entries.

*If you have any questions, please contact us: community@xp-pen.com



Theme Relevance


Graphic/Motion Designer & Illustrator Worked with Crunchyroll, Toei Animation. Captivated by the image, the audiovisual but also the drawing since, I discover the Art worlds at the age of 15 years.


My name is Excal. I've been drawing for a couple years now, mostly doing work as an illustrator and have recently been getting into animation as well. I also run a YouTube channel called Excal's Art Tips where I give out tips on how to draw.

Thales Simonato

My name is Thales Simonato, I'm a Look Dev Artist. I started to work in the field in 2012, focusing on Lighting, Shader, Render, Grooming, and Post-Production. I worked in some studios in Brazil, like Tribbo Post and Kumite, both located in São Paulo.

Terms and Conditions

By participating in this contest, you agree to the following terms and conditions 1. Entries must be your own original work, and will be disqualified if plagiarism, copyright infringement, or AI drawings are involved. 2. Entries must not involve sensitive content, including but not limited to gore, pornography, violence, religion, politics. 3. Entries must not contain other brand promotion content. 4. Once the winner accepts the prize, it means that the participant agrees that XPPen can use these works for brand channel dissemination for free and agrees the entries will not be resold or reused for any other commercial activities. 5. If the participant violates the above terms and conditions, XPPen has the right to disqualify his or her entry.


QHow to upload the entries to XPPen official website?

A Go to XPPen Community>> Events>> Ongoing>> Upload Entry to submit your entry. (Please notice that if any works are suspected of plagiarism or copyright infringement, they will be disqualified from the contest instantly).

QAre there any shipping restrictions?

A Due to shipping restrictions, we are currently unable to ship to the Middle East(Except the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia), India, and Africa. Prize for winners from these area will be replaced by cash.

QIs there any age restriction?

A No, there is no age limit, and you are welcome to participate in the challenge no matter how old you are. However, if you are underage, you must get confirmation from your parents or guardians to enter the contest. By uploading your work, you are deemed to have obtained the permission from the parents or guardians.