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Well, when I was a child my favorite series was The Worst Witch, and my mom affectionately called me a witch, because I wanted to be a witch when I grew up, so that's why the peculiar nickname, but I am very fond of that nickname, so When I turned 18, I felt nervous when I was going to do my first paperwork and get my ID, but I felt nervous but at the same time excited, knowing that I would finally have to do my things alone and be able to feel independent and be able to give him the better to my family. So I decided to draw a drawing of the memories I had, the first time I went to an art course and when I went to get my paperwork, combined with my childhood memories, a little witch excited to be able to go to her first day of school. Childhood and adolescence leaving to go towards the future on a cold and warm night at the moment of arriving at the castle, with goosebumps at the moment of air colliding with the breeze and feeling a positive atmosphere. This is what I wanted to convey, I hope you like it a lot and have a nice day ^^
2023 XPPen Global Drawing Awards
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