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Growth is a result of seeking ways to go beyond the difficulties. On our way to succeeding things in life, there will be ups and downs, those moments bring joy, experience, courage, and motivation to keep moving forward. In this painting, I used the XPPen’s mascot Fenix on top of a cliff, indicating the journey he has made and the rocks he has climbed. Far away there is an XPPen air balloon, stating that the journey keeps moving on, looking forward to achieving new goals after the 18th birthday. About the making of this piece, first I came up with Fenix finish climbing up and cheering with his XPPen stylus as the equipment to reach the highest peak, however, I found this silhouette uninteresting, so I changed it at a later stage, and I'm happy with Fenix sitting and watching the air balloon going up, feeling nostalgic but is glad that he made it here. After the idea and color block out, I start to render it and polish it until the final result.
2023 XPPen Global Drawing Awards
Deco 01 V2