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When I thought about what growth and evolution mean to me, I remembered the path that I had already walked and imagined the one that was still ahead of me. I have been learning to draw on my own all my life, although I have encountered many obstacles along the way. Every artist studies throughout his life. There are times when you don’t have enough skill for your idea, and then you have to learn. Practice every day, get upset that it doesn’t work out, try again and tell yourself “don’t give up.” The sketches on the wall symbolize the path that everyone goes through when trying to achieve their goal. Small notes are thoughts that should help overcome all difficulties. Crumpled papers are unsuccessful attempts that could be your last if you gave up. A bright ray emanating from a window is an idea that suddenly illuminates a person and becomes successful. The hands that are drawn everywhere represent that when you are 18, 35 or 70, everything is only in your hands, that it is never too late to believe in yourself and go towards your goal. It seems to many that artists find their work very easy, because viewers only see a beautiful result. They don’t know that on the other side of the drawing there is an ordinary person who studied many lessons, created hundreds of sketches, did not sleep at night, rejoiced and cried, lived. The growth and evolution that I see is daily efforts on myself to become better, stronger and go only forward, sometimes stop to rest, but go again.
2023 XPPen Global Drawing Awards
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