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There is multiple interpretation of this piece like journey and evolution of artists or explorations comes with time. But as an artist i wanted to make an art that represent our long journey and struggles. Passing scorching deserts, sailing in violent seas, climbing steep snowy mountans then reaching space. I wanted to show every season, different times and different vehicles. Some goes by walk and ships but somes uses zeppelins. Tried to show each struggle, hard and easy or fast and slow. For technical standpoint each picture sings a song but i wanted mine to play orchestra. Very diffrent and multiple elements compliments each other in single picture. It was quite hard to merge them coherently but i think i managed. I started desing with paper and pencil. Tried different approaches interestingly when thigs comes to evolution or developement my mind goes to elevation or hights. But some struggles and evolutions are vertical so i chosen diffrent route there. My biggest struggle with this piece was last circle. I tried around 8 different scene for this part but every one of them falls flat and loses its effect of 3d and prespective. So i chose more grounded option, drew Twighlight effect and it fit perfecly. I take into consideration of my composition with golden raio and my eye movement as old masters done. Enjoy...
2023 XPPen Global Drawing Awards
Artist 12 (2nd Gen)