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With this illustration I wanted to represent a little of my growth and what it was like for me to discover digital art. In my childhood I was not very talented in drawing, and I convinced myself that it was something I couldn't do, perhaps because of my aphantasia (which I found out about recently), it represented a big wall for me that I didn't understand. . The creativity of my friends was incredible to me. In my adolescence, when I became interested in Studio Ghibli films and anime, I wanted to imitate many styles and I discovered that more than talent I lacked dedication, despite not being able to imagine, I still wanted to give life to stories and characters. Dedication made me improve in drawing little by little and by the time I grew up around 18 and was able to buy my first illustrator tablet, it was like discovering a new world for me, because it opened me to the possibility of creating new things with better quality. In the end, thanks to digital art, the tools it provides, I have managed to advance a lot, creating characters, landscapes, stories and worlds that I did not think possible before, covering up a little my shortcomings that I could not overcome.
2023 XPPen Global Drawing Awards