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i represent the theme "grow and evolution" in the form of a journey, we have the path, with different challenges, in form of portals, each one are, anatomy, color, perspective, etc. and the path is not smooth and is not lineart, like life, our artistic jounery have ups and downs, but we keep walking toward our goal. the grow and evolution also is represented with our character, in 3 stages of life: chilhood, with a lot of dreams, and exitement for adventure adolescent in the begining of the journey unsure of the way but with a compass to gide him (like in the world with so much distraction we tend to lose ourselves a little) finally in the form of a young adult with more experience to really began the real challenge. and i like to remind us, that felix is here with us from the begining, evolving with us, like xp pen and the constants inovations they do for artist.
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