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My entry for 2023 XPPEN Global Drawing Awards - Growth and Evolution To represent the Theme I choose to design a character which has her fenix , the mascot as her friend that followed her during growth. The sky that goes from daylight into the night to the infinite galaxy. The plant i choose is Amorphophallus titanum , it needs a long time to open up, and once it opens it stayes wisible only few hours. The two moons are the 2 phases that were on 16.08.2005 and 16.08.2023. My first plan was to make a picture without the ‘frame, but hten i changed my mind and put a ‘frame’ from where the shapes go out. To represent the qoute ‘think outside the box’, to make us remember that we do no need to stay in lines, to be brave and change things up I have included phases of fenix's design to represent how he changed to the one he is now. He represents the evolution of him as a character and the company. The girl is a representation of self growth, self care and self fulllfilment. Where she is in the end the brave individual who dreas to dream and stays true to herself..finally looking right at us with confidence while fenix comments on her work. I plan to a more detailed explanation of the idea and concept, but I do not want to miss the deadline, so this description willl do for now 😀 I have spent many days and I’m happy with what I acomplished. Hope you will like it too!
2023 XPPen Global Drawing Awards