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Our fateful journey begins in the boundless desert. Exhausted from the arduous path and eternal sands, the ancient tribe discovers an incredible space ship. It becomes their last hope for survival and a source of incredible evolution. The turning point in their history. The tribe builds their own town inside the torus-shaped ship. They start transforming, evolving, and living. In symbiosis with the ship, they redefine their architecture, clothing and transportation. Emphasizing their new stage and rebirth. This place becomes not only their sanctuary but also a source of enlightenment. They learn to coexist between the sand, the bright desert sky, and the ship. Countless new possibilities open up before them, the ship changes their lives and their vision of the future. My work is the encounter with the unknown, a journey through darkness to a brighter future. Evolution, like a river of time, transforms their essence. This is a story of growth and creative evolution that inspires and motivates us to build anew and transform our future. . . . Within the space ship, change was in the air, Their culture blossomed like a springtime bloom. Evolution of hearts, like a river flowing fair, In this station, they found their eternal room.
Artist 12 (2nd Gen)