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As a medical scientist turned illustrator, I chose to illustrate my personal growth and evolution story for this competition, in my graphic novel/cartoon/anime tv show style. The illustration shows a room which is half science-themed and half art-themed and there is a young lady walking towards the light from outside the room. To emphasize growth, the color gradient changes from blue to green from the science to art areas; Also, plant imagery is used. The young lady is confidently walking towards the light from the art side of the room, showing her evolution from being a scientist to becoming an illustrator. She’s carrying a green bag with an xp-pen tablet in it, to show growth and being an active illustrator. (Also, I just really appreciate xp-pen making great technology so affordable) Her vision for a better future is becoming an illustrator. I have made her look about 18 to show she’s choosing her better future young, though it took me longer to be brave enough to change careers. Xp-Pen logo colors are used. The window nook and box of books for donation show gradual change/break between switching careers. The art side of the room has an xp-pen display tablet with this illustration on it. The walls have posters and a nod to art (pigeon character) that got me one of my first jobs. It took a lot of bravery to choose my true self as an illustrator instead of a more stable job in sciences (which is expected of Asians), so I have shown the young lady walking confidently.
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