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Hi everyone! My name is Bhonjoe and I’ve been a self-taught digital artist for about 5 years now. First, I just want to say that I am so excited about joining this wonderful and creative contest. I really loved the challenge so much that this tested my limitations as a digital artist! This showed my strengths and weaknesses in my art that I couldn’t see. When I took this challenge, I somehow had to learn how to story tell through my artwork on a single page and it was extremely difficult. The amount of planning and trashing multiple ideas took longer than completing the whole painting. But I loved every minute of it. I hope you all will enjoy my artwork and storytelling. Thank you, XP-Pen, for hosting a marvelous event! Now onto my entry. This story follows my protagonist Kiko Fumblepaws. Once an eccentric and inexperienced young sorceress with a penchant for causing magical mishaps, my protagonist embarks on a transformative journey of growth, evolution, and self-discovery. Through perseverance, mentorship, curiosity, a healthy dose of humor, heart full of dreams and a head full of spell books, she hones her magical talents over the years. As her 18th birthday approaches, she emerges as a powerful and wise Master Sorceress, ready to embrace her destiny and shape the world with her newfound strength wisdom and a mixed bag of comical misfortunes.