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“You’re my only one unique rose”🥀🌹🦊 This is my work inspired from little prince walk in rose garden. There are many roses in his life. But he proud of one rose from his star and said, “You are my only one unique rose.” These words he say are very related to my life about love story of my life. I ever love someone before, I know I have more people who come into life. But in the same time, One of i love, i miss them a lot. But it’s gone,too late and they far away… No chance to say i love them a lot of the words but I let them blooming inside my heart Whether they know or doesn't know… I draw the rose garden that the little prince ,you saw probably rose around him like something important in life (example people or animal and things ) But even so, we always have “love” someone or something inside heart and make it unique inside. and I draw him close the eye like he’s satisfying and miss him rose and she blooming on him heart. I started reading,I guess my opinion at the time I was very young and dreaming. But when I grew up from that time I read book again and I really understood this sentence so much(Maybe because I'm growing than before). So I wanted to draw this picture that conveys that. The little prince had the appearance of knowing that there were roses around him. But actually, one rose bloomed in his heart more than roses around, and it was much bright than the roses around him. I hide easter egg in my work hope you enjoy to guess what’s it ☺️☺️☺️
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