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2023-10-15 08:16:45

I made this video by drawing 18 different artworks inspired by 18 different famous art styles across the world throughout timelines, trends, and cultures featuring Fenix of XP-Pen to showcase the evolution and growth of art style. The 18 styles depict the 18th anniversary of XP-Pen and lastly, the "NOW" depicts the art styles of each artist today from all nations, cultures, languages, etc with their own uniqueness. It shows the beauty and uniqueness of all the art styles that were there in the past and its evolution tending to be more unique with each artist even today. Each artwork is completely drawn by me with many minute details which include the name of Fenix, the stylus, the wordings found in each artwork, and the mention of 18 depicting the anniversary. Here I list each style: 1. cave drawing 2. ancient Egyptian art style 3. ancient Chinese dynasty art style 4. medieval stained glass art style 5. Aztec mythical creature art style 6. Michael Angelo's "The Creation of Adam" 7. da Vinci's art style 8. The UK's judges portrait styled 9. The dollar bill styled 10. Van Gough's art style 11. Disney's early art style 12. pixel art 13. picasso's art style 14. pop art 15. Graffiti 16. late 90's Anime 17. the chibi art style 18. modern mech bot blueprint. These are arranged by timeline. I have all 18 source files and process videos with me, as they are large, I can't upload them. The fonts are completely free. No royalty is involved. Please contact me for source files.

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