Announcement of XPPen Global Creator Program

If you like to draw, to share, to be adored, or if you are a fan of XPPen, then don't miss out on our Creator Program!


XPPen Creator Program is a program organized by XPPen to encourage outstanding artists to publish works in the official XPPen community. Freely unleash potential and let your drawing skills and artistic inspiration be fully displayed. This program will run from time to time, and participating artists will be able to gain great rewards after completing the tasks in stages. We look forward to seeing you shine at XPPen.


By joining the Creator Program, you will get:

1. Contribution fee + Additional Bonuses.

2. More exposure and traffic, including but not limited to Xfans community, discord community, XPPen official social media and more.

3. XPPen brand-new drawing displays, tablets, and accessories.

4. The exclusive badge issued by XPPen.

5. Join in live streaming with XPPen.


Please contact Rocío via

E-Mail: community@xp-pen.com

Discord: rocio_o



Please do not repeat sending messages, and please remember to attach your portfolio when sending the message.