XPPen 18th Anniversary Event Guide

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of artistic celebration as XPPen marks a remarkable 18 years of nurturing talents and fostering creativity across the globe. Join us for a grand jubilation that promises a blend of inspiration, excitement, and rewards. Don't miss out on these incredible festivities – let's paint the town with creativity together!

XPPen Global Drawing Contest: Unleash Your Creativity! 

Theme: Growth and Evolution ? 

Time: August 16th - October 15th

As XPPen embarks on its 18th anniversary, we invite creators from every corner of the world to participate in the 2023 Global Drawing Awards. Symbolising growth and evolution, turning 18 opens doors to reinvent creativity's boundaries. Seize this chance to explore your potential, push the limits of your imagination, and flourish like never before!  Engage for the opportunity to win awards, forge global connections, and experience personal growth. Together, let's embark on a journey of artistic evolution! You get a chance to win XPPen's latest X3 pro powered pen tablet: Artist Pro (Gen 2), Deco Pro (Gen 2) and up to $1500 cash prize!

Join here: XPPen Global Drawing Awards

?Daily Waltz-In: Dance Your Way to Rewards and Discounts! 

Time: August 16th - September 15th

Prepare for a daily dance of luck and creativity! Every day, drop by our link below for a chance to win the latest and most sought-after drawing tablets. But that's not all – you could also snag up to an amazing 35% Discount Coupon along with exclusive Anniversary Limited Gifts. Let's waltz our way to artistic brilliance! 

Check in here: Daily Waltz-In

My XPPen Sparks Event: Share Your Journey, Win Big! 

Share your story(s) about XPPen in one post on social media, such as an anecdote, your first purchase experience for XPPen product, an engagement with XPPen social media, a funny interaction with another XPPen user, etc. 

If your story is related to X3 products( Artist 2nd Gen series, Deco L/LW, Deco M/MW, Artist Pro16), you can get an Anniversary Limited X3 Elite Stylus ( White/ pink/ green/ blue)
For stories about other models or none product related sharing:  Super cool 18th Anniversary Limited T-shirts.

Share Now: My XPPen Sparks Event

 ?Golden Ticket: Your Chance for Magical Surprises! 

Seize the golden opportunity this month! With every purchase you make, you might just be the fortunate recipient of a Free Order. Elevate your artistic journey with an extra touch of magic – who knows what wonders await? ? Your Golden Ticket to Creativity Awaits! ?

We will draw out winners every week in the livestream.

See the schedule here: 

8/22 Featuring XPPen Team 10:00p.m. (EDT)
Platform: Tiktok

8/30 Featuring @edmonenguero 5:30 a.m.(EDT)
Platform: Youtube
9/5 Featuring @TedChin 10:00p.m. (EDT)
Platform: Instagram
9/12 Featuring @derekdomnicdsouza 10:00p.m. (EDT)

Join us in celebrating XPPen's 18th Anniversary with zest and enthusiasm.Let's come together to honor creativity, growth, and evolution in the world of art. Be part of the excitement, share your story, and create lasting memories.  #xppen18