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GROWTH AND EVOLUTION: Every Individual goes through their own personal journey of growth and evolution and I wanted to show my own journey of from birth to present. There was so much I wanted to do here and narrowing it down to still be able to convey some sort of story was very difficult. I hope that by following the blue thread you will get some idea of how I arrived to where I am now. Starting from birth to picking up pencils for the first time, growing and discovering new interests and activities and hobbies but all the while creating art up until the all important turning 18, from then art took a back seat as the parties started and work and family took over. Fast forward and I have a child of my own. During lockdown I saw him drawing with his markers. This got me thinking and I remembered how much I loved painting in my youth. I dug out my old sketch books and paints/pencils and turned my attention back to art, now That I was stable in life I was able to I make time to draw again, but creating art had evolved so much and there was so many avenues to explore. It was time for me to learn again, after numerous tutorials I bought a pen tablet and dived into digital art, I have grown in life and my art has evolved from traditional to digital along with the tools I use. We have all had to overcome some distractions and obstacles to grow and evolve and and to get to where we are now. I carry my experiences with me and I hope that this is portrayed in my entry.
2023 XPPen Global Drawing Awards
Artist 13.3 Pro