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2023-11-28 07:03:50

“You’re my only one unique rose”🥀🌹🦊 This is my work inspired from little prince walk in rose garden. There are many roses in his life. But he proud of one rose from his star and said, “You are my only one unique rose.” These words he say are very related to my life about love story of my life. I ever love someone before, I know I have more people who come into life. But in the same time, One of i love, i miss them a lot. But it’s gone,too late and they far away… No chance to say i love them a lot of the words but I let them blooming inside my heart Whether they know or doesn't know… I draw the rose garden that the little prince ,you saw probably rose around him like something important in life (example people or animal and things ) But even so, we always have “love” someone or something inside heart and make it unique inside. and I draw him close the eye like he’s satisfying and miss him rose and she blooming on him heart. I started reading,I guess my opinion at the time I was very young and dreaming. But when I grew up from that time I read book again and I really understood this sentence so much(Maybe because I'm growing than before). So I wanted to draw this picture that conveys that. The little prince had the appearance of knowing that there were roses around him. But actually, one rose bloomed in his heart more than roses around, and it was much bright than the roses around him. I hide easter egg in my work hope you enjoy to guess what’s it ☺️☺️☺️

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2023-09-11 14:57:31

핵심 메시지: [✨아픈 만큼 성숙해지듯, 성장을 하면서 겪는 인생의 굴곡과 수많은 경험, 반드시 겪을 인생의 성장통(사춘기)시기를 딛고 발전한 우리는 태양처럼 밝게 빛날 존재입니다.✨] /////해석하기 어려울 내용들만 간단하게 정리해 보았습니다. 나머지는 자유롭게 해석하시면 됩니다.///// 1. 흩날리는 종이: 아이의 일생, 경험을 의미합니다. 인생의 굴곡처럼 때론 다채롭게, 때론 회색빛으로 묘사했습니다. ///// 2. 키보드 위에서 춤추는 아이: 자신이 좋아하는 취미나 색깔을 찾고, 꿈을 결정하는 어린시절을 의미합니다. ///// 3. 망원경 밑에서 울고 있는 아이: 학생, 사춘기때의 혼란스러운 심적 갈등을 표현합니다. 러프를 참고하시면, 경로가 마치 기차가 탈선한 것처럼 혼자 망원경 밑으로 내려가 있음을 알 수 있습니다. 일생을 살면서 한번쯤은 반드시 겪을 회색빛 내리막길을 의미하기도 합니다. 청소년 시기를 거쳐야 어른이 되는 것처럼, 고통스러워도 우리가 성장하기 위해선 마주해야 반드시 할 시기임을 강조하기 위해 추가한 장면입니다. ///// 4. 학생시절 아이가 흘린 눈물들: 성장한 아이의 주변에서 선명하게 빛나는 무지갯빛 물감들이 바로 그 눈물입니다. 모스부호 (.... --- .--. . = HOPE)를 의미하는 문양으로 떠 있죠. 성장통의 아픔을 딛고 발전한 아이에겐 말 그대로 희망이 있음을 암시합니다.

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2023-10-14 04:45:16

GROWTH AND EVOLUTION: Every Individual goes through their own personal journey of growth and evolution and I wanted to show my own journey of from birth to present. There was so much I wanted to do here and narrowing it down to still be able to convey some sort of story was very difficult. I hope that by following the blue thread you will get some idea of how I arrived to where I am now. Starting from birth to picking up pencils for the first time, growing and discovering new interests and activities and hobbies but all the while creating art up until the all important turning 18, from then art took a back seat as the parties started and work and family took over. Fast forward and I have a child of my own. During lockdown I saw him drawing with his markers. This got me thinking and I remembered how much I loved painting in my youth. I dug out my old sketch books and paints/pencils and turned my attention back to art, now That I was stable in life I was able to I make time to draw again, but creating art had evolved so much and there was so many avenues to explore. It was time for me to learn again, after numerous tutorials I bought a pen tablet and dived into digital art, I have grown in life and my art has evolved from traditional to digital along with the tools I use. We have all had to overcome some distractions and obstacles to grow and evolve and and to get to where we are now. I carry my experiences with me and I hope that this is portrayed in my entry.

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