18 years old is a special and exciting age for individuals. It signifies a whole new stage of growth and opens the door to the evolution of new abilities. Just as individuals begin to mature at the age of 18, XPPen is poised for its own growth and evolution at its 18th anniversary. As a leading innovative digital art brand, XPPen uses the global Drawing Contest as a stage to provide creators with the opportunity to grow and evolve. At this particular age, XPPen is reinventing the rules of creativity. Instead of merely pursuing technical proficiency and utilitarian gain, we focus more on the inner growth and development of the creator's potential. We believe that every creator has unlimited creativity and just needs the right guidance and opportunity to bloom their unique shine. Through the 2023 XPPen Global Drawing Contest, we are calling on creators around the world to take a bold step into a new evolutionary path. We encourage users to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity, challenging themselves and exploring new possibilities. It is a stage that crosses time, space and culture, so that together we can bring together the sparks of creativity to create a true sense of growth and evolution. By participating in the 2023 XPPen Global Drawing Contest, you will gain not only awards and accolades but also inner growth and advancement of your mind. This is an opportunity for global exchange and enlightenment, where you will be able to talk to creators from different countries and regions and progress together. This stage will open up endless possibilities for you, so that your work will be seen, recognised and appreciated by the world. We believe that turning 18 is a new beginning. In the years to come, XPPen will step into an even brighter future with its users. Evolve with XPPen and start a new chapter of your own creativity!

Contest Process

Entries (Duration)

August 16, 2023 October 15, 2023 11:59 pm
(GMT-4)/ EDT

Entries Selection (Duration)

October 16 2023 October 24, 2023
(GMT-4)/ EDT

Public Announcement Date

October 25, 2023
(GMT-4)/ EDT


Gold Award


Artist Pro 16 (Gen 2)

2023년 8월 신제품

$1500 USD Cash
Trophy + Certificate
Message from the Jury

Silver Award


Artist Pro 14 (Gen 2)

2023년 8월 신제품

$700 USD Cash
Trophy + Certificate
Message from the Jury

Bronze Award


Artist Pro 14 (Gen 2)

2023년 8월 신제품

$150 USD Cash
Trophy + Certificate
Message from the Jury

Merit Award


Deco Pro LW (Gen 2)

2023년 8월 신제품

Trophy + Certificate


Jake Parker

Jake Parker is an American concept artist, illustrator, animator, cartoonist and short-story creator. He is a New York Times best selling illustrator for several comics and picture books. His work also includes several animated feature films. Jake co-founded SVSlearn.com and he's globally recognized as the founder of Inktober.

Kristina Kaspi

Digital illustrator-blogger. She runs a large Russian-language YouTube channel about drawing and creativity, and also publishes reviews of various drawing gadgets. Previously officially worked in Telegram and Mail.ru, as an illustrator of StickerPacks for messengers. At the moment, she is engaged in and develops personal creative projects on various social platforms.

Jon Juarez

Hello! My name is Jon Juarez, I'm an illustrator and screenwriter. Recently, I have been involved in the worldbuilding of the series 'Scavengers Reign' (HBO), and I have also been engaged in various science fiction video game and film projects, as well as contributing to speculative future ideas in technology companies like Telefónica.

Derek Laufman

Derek is the creator of the comics Ruinworld, Bot-9 and the award winning Witch of Wickerson. As a freelance illustrator, Derek has worked with Marvel, Disney, Lucas Arts, Dreamworks, Hasbro and Mattel.


I'm an illustrator, and I'm active in various areas such as social games, Vtuber design, and book illustration.


Member of China Arts Association, Guangdong Animation Association, Cartoonist, Novelist, Illustrator, 'The First Chinese Newcomer in Cartooning'.

Creation Rules

1. Create freely around the theme of 'Growth and Evolution', with no limitation on creativity; 2. The form of expression of the work includes but is not limited to graphic art, illustration, comics, animation, 3D rendering, etc; 3. The mood of the entry: a sense of growth and evolution needs to be emphasised, either as a reminiscence of turning 18 or as a vision of a better future; 4. Entries with a resolution of 300dpi or above, with the short side of the frame not less than 3000px; 5. The work must retain the source files, and must be taken to keep the elements independent so that they can be proven and extended for later use; 6. It is recommended to attach planning ideas and detailed descriptions to the work submission, which should explain the story background and creative ideas of the work; 7. This event attaches great importance to the originality of the work, the designer must ensure the integrity of the work and comply with the relevant laws, completely original, no plagiarism, no prior use; no infringement of third party copyright, patent rights, trademark rights, trade secret rights and other legitimate rights and interests. 8. Entries must not contain other brand promotion content; 9. Entries created using AI-related technologies are prohibited and will be disqualified if found; 10. Participants under the age of 16 must obtain parental authorisation to participate in the Contest; 11. Winning of entries is subject to the final results announced on the official platform.

Judgement Standard


The work is artistic, conforms to mainstream aesthetics, has artistic beauty, and can arouse the audience's thinking.

Fit the theme

The work conforms to the theme of this Contest, with positive content, expressing the beautiful imagination of growth and evolution.


The work conforms to the tone or essence of the XPPen brand, and dreams of bravery and true self.

  • Instructions for entry
  • Award Notification
  • Related interests

1. Please ensure that you have read and are willing to abide by the rules of the Contest before submitting your entry. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify any entry that violates the rules of the Contest. 2. All entries submitted must not be used commercially or by others, must be original, must not be copied or stolen from others, and must not have been transferred to others (if the entry contains material elements <not original>, the entrant must have authorisation to use the material and ensure that it can be used in the entry and in subsequent commercial applications). If a copyright dispute arises during the Contest or commercial application, the legal responsibility shall be borne by the author of the entry. 3. During the Contest period, the author of the entry may not transfer or authorise the entry to any third party, or use the entry to participate in other events identical or similar to this contest. 4. If more than one person collaborates, they must obtain the consent of all the collaborating authors and indicate the names of all the collaborating authors. The same user name can upload more than one set of different entries, and the selection results will be based on the entries, i.e. the same user can win more than one award. 5. In order to ensure the fairness of this event, no third party LOGO unrelated to this Contest may be added to the entries. 6、For the sake of uniformity in the presentation of works and to facilitate the dissemination and promotion of the organiser, please use the contest template for the creation of works and save them in RGB mode and JPG format respectively, and keep the source files well. If you need to present more effects, such as motion posters or videos, please store them in a mode that can present the works in full (including but not limited to GIF format). 7, please read the Creation Rules carefully, and take the event seriously, i.e. the organiser's brand, do not publish illegal, spoof, impostor, too scribble and other 'occupied' works that do not meet the entry requirements. 8. This is the only entry channel, so please follow the rules and regulations and upload your entries (entries from other channels will be considered invalid). *Due to the large volume of entries in the middle and late stages of the Contest, participants are advised to arrange their entries in a reasonable manner and submit their entries in a timely manner to avoid duplicate uploads or failed uploads.

1. Award notifications will be sent via email to the email address provided by the winning artists within 5 business days after the final results are announced. Please ensure that you provide a valid and accurate contact information. 2. Winning artists are advised to check their email after the event ends and promptly follow the instructions provided in the email regarding artwork collection and signing of the respective copyright agreements. 3. If a winning artist fails to respond to the award notification within the specified time frame, it will be considered as forfeiting the award, and it will be given to the next eligible participant in line.

1. The complete copyright of the first prize (1 winner), second prize (2 winners), and third prize (3 winners) works will be transferred to the organizer. The winning authors are required to assist in signing the 'Copyright Transfer Agreement' (the prize includes the copyright transfer fee). The organizer shall have all rights to redesign, produce, sell, display, publish, and distribute the corresponding design works. The winning authors may not reauthorize this right to any other individuals or organizations. The winning authors retain the permanent right to be credited for their work. 2. The excellent prize (30 winners) works require granting the brand exclusive rights for one year. The winning authors are required to assist in signing the 'Copyright License Agreement.' Within one year, the organizer shall have all rights to redesign, produce, sell, display, publish, and distribute the corresponding design works. The winning authors retain the permanent right to be credited for their work. After the expiration of the authorization period, the rights of use and dissemination of the works will revert back to the designer (existing works created during the authorized period will not be affected and do not need to be deleted, removed, or recalled). 3. If the organizer needs to further refine, develop, or design peripheral products based on the first prize (1 winner), second prize (2 winners), third prize (3 winners), and excellent prize (30 winners) works, the winning authors are required to provide necessary assistance and cooperation. 4. The copyright of the non-winning entries belongs to the original authors (excluding the organizer/organizing committee's logo or product itself). The organizer and the organizing committee may not use or disclose the source files of the non-winning entries without authorization. 5. The organizing committee has the right to exhibit, report, and promote all participating works, while the participating authors retain the right to be credited for their works. If the organizer needs to develop, produce, or sell works other than the winning entries for commercial purposes, written permission must be obtained from the participating authors, and the corresponding design fees must be paid. 6. Once the work is submitted, it will be deemed that the participating author agrees to and complies with the relevant competition regulations. If there are copyright disputes in the commercial use of the works, the organizer shall not be liable for any legal responsibility arising from the infringement of others' rights by the works. The participating authors who provide the works shall bear all legal responsibilities. 7. If the winning authors fail to fulfill the obligations related to the transfer or authorization of copyrights, it will be considered as voluntarily giving up the corresponding awards.

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